Just One More Kitty is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that started when rescuing a very sick kitten

white and blue bear plush toy
white and blue bear plush toy

Meet our girl, Mayhem

Our sweet baby Mayhem was found alone in a rundown van. She was severely underweight and stole our hearts immediately.

Mayhem (named to be a temporary little sister to our cat Mischief) was full of life and ready to search for a home. She was extremely cuddly and after an ER visit, was making a speedy recovery.

Unfortunately as she got stronger, we noticed some underlying problems with Mayhem. She had a condition called Rectovaginal fistula with atresia ani. This means that her genitalia was underdeveloped and could only defecate through the wrong opening.

After another ER visit, it was determined that she needed immediate surgery. Unfortunately not many veterinarians are able and free appointment-wise to do an emergency surgery of that nature to such a young kitten. After calling what seemed like everywhere, we were finally able to get her scheduled to life-saving surgery.

While the initial surgery was a success, CPR had to be performed afterwards and recovery was going slow. Unfortunately into the night her poor heart was failing and the veterinarian suggested euthanasia to avoid further suffering. She passed away in our arms on 10/8/2021.

We were completely heartbroken and under $9,000-10,000 for our attempt to give Mayhem her best chance at survival. After talking to the ER and vet tech, we noted that many cats and kittens are put down/euthanized before given a fighting chance. While Mayhem may be gone, we want to give every cat the chance they deserve to both find a home and to get the medical care they need - no matter the cost. While we have taken in cats and kittens in the past as an informal rescue, we decided to take the leap and formalize our efforts into an official nonprofit - Just One More Kitty, Inc. From there we applied with the state and federal government to be a verified tax-exempt nonprofit so that we can maximize our impact to those in our community.

Our memories of Mayhem serve as an inspiration to continue the work we do.

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