Meet Your Newest Family Member

The Adoption Process

We understand that you want to meet your future family member as soon as possible! Because we operate entirely out of foster homes, we need to limit pet visitations to approved applicants only. The adoption process is as follows:

  1. Family submits adoption application

  2. Rescue staff reviews applications **

  3. Rescue staff notifies family of approval and schedules meet-n-greet/adoption

  4. Family meets cat or kitten, and adopts new furry family member!

Note: If there are multiple applications, our staff will notify the first eligible family (based off of feline's needs and then based off of submission time). For the other approved applicants, they will be put on our 'pre-approved adopter' waitlist.

Meet-n-Greet/Adoption Appointment

Once your adoption application is approved, we will reach out to you directly to schedule a meet-n-greet with the cat(s) or kitten(s). This will take place at the region foster coordinator's home (this protects the privacy of the adopter and the foster). ALL human members of the household are required to attend the meet-n-greet. After this meeting, if all are in agreement that the animal is a good match for your family, you will have the option to adopt the cat during this same appointment. We will then go over the adoption contract for you to sign as well as pay the adoption fee before you can take your furbaby home.

To reiterate, during the meet-n-greet a Just One More Kitty representative and the applicant(s) will make a determination if there is a match. You are NEVER obligated to adopt the animal; it is your decision whether to adopt once it is determined that there is a good match*.

Does It Matter if I Have Young Children or a Baby?

We do not have a policy on children's ages as the determination is made on a case-by-case basis. Our rescue loves children and cats together! However, we do expect that all children be respectful, gentle, and kind to the animals and be supervised by an adult (closely supervised if the child is very young).

Are There Any Restrictions On Who Can Adopt?

We welcome all applicants from all walks of life. We take a feline's lifestyle, needs, and temperament into account to match them with the right family. Likewise, we want to match your family with a feline that best fits your lifestyle and needs. If your family resides in a location that is farther away than a reasonable distance, we highly encourage looking at local shelters in your area before submitting an application to our rescue. Under no circumstances do we "ship" our animals to an adopter. Above all else, we are looking for responsible and loving families that will give our felines the love an attention they deserve.

*Just One More Kitty has the right to deny an adoption to anyone for any reason at any time in the process.